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Seafarer Training Center


The Seafarer Training Center has been committed to supply all kinds of seafarer training to meet the requirements of STCW78/95 conventions. The major training programs include:

1. Competency certificate training of Master, Chief   engineer, Chief mate, Second engineer, Third mate, Fourth engineer, Electronic and Electricalofficer, GMDSS general operator,  Sailor and Oiler.

2. Professional certificate training of Familiar with and basic safety, Proficient in Life-saving boat&raft, Senior fire, Proficiency in first aid, Medical care, Basic security transition, Bridge house resource management , Electronic chart, Engine resource management, Responsible for the designated security duty crew, Ship security officer,  Oil tanker and chemical ship, LPG and LNG ship, Dynamic Positioning Course.
        Followed by the development of new International Maritime, the Seafarer Training Center has a wealth experience of conducting seafarer training, and also has a strong teaching resources and rich maritime training facilities and equipment relying on Guangzhou Maritime University.

2.Training Courses and Equipment

1. Basic Safety Training

The Basic Safety Training consists of  four elements, Including: Personal Survival Techniques at Sea,Elementary First Aid, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (PSSR)

2.Proficiency in Survival Craft

The Survival Craft training will prepare candidates involved in taking charge of the launching or handling of survival craft to achieve an appropriate level of competence in these operations.

3.Advanced Fire fighting course

In this course, students are exposed to live fire scenarios in the Fire Training Unit (FTU) where they apply their training and use fire fighting equipment to control the fire

4. Medical Care Training Aboard Ship

Medical Care training allowing student competency to participate effectively in co-ordinate schemes for medical assistance on ships at sea.

5.Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties

This Maritime Security course is for all seafarers that have security duties as part of their job.

6. Bridge Resource Management

    This course provides training to mariners seeking an STCW endorsement at the management and operational (Master license/Mate license) levels on vessels over 500 Gross Tons.

7. EDCIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) course

    EDCIS course is designed to enhance the safety of navigation by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to fully utilize ECDIS.

8. Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS) GOC General Operator Certificate Course

     This course is required for all deck officers serving on vessels equipped with GMDSS Equipment.  

9. The training of LPG\LNG, Oil Tanker, Chemical ship operating

10. Engine Resource Management Training

11. Training of New Diesel engine Technical and Operating

12. Certificate Training of Captain \Chief Officer\ 2nd Officer \ 3rd Officer \ Able seafarer

13.Certificate Training of Chief engineer \ 2nd engineer \ ETO\3rd engineer \ Oiler

14. Dynamic Positioning Course

Dynamic positioning training is recommended STCW for deck and engineering officers working on any type vessel equipped with the system and is required for vessels who are classed as DP vessels.

Dynamic Positioning Basic (Induction) Course

Course covers the principles of DP, elements of the DP system, practical operation of the DP system, position reference systems, environment sensors and ancillary equipment, Power generation, supply and propulsion.

Dynamic Positioning Advanced / Simulation Course

The purpose of this course is to give candidates a thorough knowledge of the practical aspects of DP operations. Training is a mix of theoretical sessions and practical exercises in simulators. Simulated DP operations including errors faults & failures, DP alarms, warnings and emergency procedures.

3.Training Certificate

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