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Department of Sports Science

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      Sports Science Department of Guangzhou Maritime University was established in May 2016 based on the previous P.E.Section of Basic Course Department. There are 28 faculty and staff all together including 2 professors, 5 associate professors, 14 lecturers, one teacher with doctor’s degree, 7 postgraduates, one school-level outstanding teacher. It consists of 2 sections ( Section of Maritime Physical Education Teaching and Research, Section of Teaching and Research  on Sports Optional Courses), 2 training centers (Student Physical Health Test Center, Sports Training and Competition Center), one research center (Nautical Sports Research Center), one affiliated unit (Stadium Administration Center).

       SSD takes the following tasks, such as the whole school’s sports teaching and scientific research, sports training and competition, group activities outdoor class, management of students' physical fitness test, and stadium management and service work etc. Adhering to the ideal of “Health first by serving teachers and students”, and the development idea characterized by “nautical sports”, SSD pursues the truth, the pioneering and innovation, and forges ahead with determination to strive to make the sports work play a more important role in school’s talent training.

According to the schooling conditions, faculty, educational objectives, students' interests, and schooling characteristics, SSD sets up 22 optional sports courses for onshore undergraduate programs in the first year and second year: basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, table tennis, tennis, orienteering, swimming, dragon boat, aerobics, sports dance, boxing and free combat, fitness and bodybuilding, shape-up training, tai chi, tai chi fan, primary sword, kickboxing, yoga, shuttlecock, soft volleyball, cheerleading, etc. It is regulated that each semester SSD must offer no less than 15 optional sport courses. The course of nautical sports is set up for navigation majors. SSD offers a total of 144 teaching periods in public compulsory courses (undergraduate program),8 credits, completed within the time from first to fourth term, allocated 36 teaching periods and two credits each term.

Since  2013( the year when our college was promoted to undergraduate university), SSD has fulfilled the project on development of local universities and colleges “Crew Fitness and Expansion of the Bases” funded by central financial administration; SSD has successfully applied 3 provincial projects of “Innovation Strong School Engineering”, 5 school-level courses of top-quality resources school-level high-quality textbook; 4 projects of research and teaching reform at school level,  4 training projects of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition, SSD has established 9 university sports teams: dragon boat, swimming, aerobics, orienteering, basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, track and field. On behalf of our university, they have taken part in various provincial sports competitions, and won 8 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 5 bronze medals.

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