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Department of Basic Courses.

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1. Overview

      There are 36 teaching and administrative staff in the Basic Courses Department(The humanities and social science department),including a professor,8 associate professors and 11 doctors. The professional title structure and the age gradient are relatively reasonable. The teaching and researching ability is also excellent.


      The department includes mathematics, physics and practical writing teaching. Department of Basic Courses(The humanities and social science department)is the base and guarantee that the school develop basic humanistic connotation and promote professional education and teaching.

2. Dean’s Welcome

      Welcome to the Department of Basic Courses(The humanities and social science departmentof Guangzhou Maritime College. It’s a department that undertakes the teaching of the mathematics, physics and its experiment courses and the humanities and social science courses of the whole school.

With our school develops to the all full-time bachelor school, the department has gone through a passionate five-year time. Although the five-year time is transient, we have brought in new people continuously and have got a rapid development in all aspects enabled with our school leader. Centred our work in our students, all the teachers of our department has a big vision is that building a high-quality maritime university. Based on the specification and pursuing for innovation, we start to carry out a series of educational reform to improve the students’ comprehensive qualities. There are teaching practice such as layered teaching and individualized quality education in our school. Also, there are excellent teams which lead our students to take part in various mathematics tournament and guide them to take part in our math practice to improve their ability of applying mathematics. Besides, there is a mathematical help center which is for helping our students to learn math.

     Our department not only actively support our teachers to develop their professional discipline and be serious and pragmatic at work, but also organizes a series of colorful department activities during spare time. Our department is a big family which is unity upward, forge ahead and spirited.

         Dr. SU, Feng

3.Faculty and Staff:

    Professor ZHANG, Qiujin

       Majored in Mathematic in Central China Normal University from 1982 to 1986.

       She studied nonlinear functional analysis in Xi'an Jiao tong University as a graduate student in 1986-1988.

       And went to Sun Yat-sen University as a visiting scholar during 2005~2006.

        Professor ZHANG, published 20 papers at present, among these papers, 11 of them were published as core journals and  SCI、EI、ISTP.

       She hold four provincial scientific research and teaching-reform program, took over one teaching-reform project, one core general Course construction project, one high quality textbook construction project in University. Meanwhile, She is the chief editor of two textbook. Zhang won the University’s second prize with her teaching- reform project, Her participant in education reform program won teaching achievement prize awarded by HuBei province.

       She had also Tutor Guangzhou Maritime Institute in mathematical contest in modeling within 2013~2015, and received THE FIRST PRIZE AND THIRD PRIZE in Guangdong mathematical modeling competition.

4.Undergraduate Programs


 4.2 Linear algebra

 4.3Probability and Statistics

 4.4Complex Analysis

 4.5Discrete mathematics


 4.7Physical experiment

 4.8Practical writing



         Physics laboratory established in the early 1986’s. After about 3 decades of development, our lab has 200 instrument and equipment that cost over 1.8 million. Also, there are five labs which are mechanism, electricity, optics, acoustics and computer-aided teaching systems labs. The net area is almost 600 square metres. They can support the teachers and students of the whole school for over 30 basic physics experiments.   


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