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School of Art and Design

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1. Overview

            Adhering to the schooling philosophy of "based in Guangzhou, facing south China, service domestic and abroad", the school take "subject oriented, specialty be applied " as the principle, comprehensively improve the level of professional education in art and design in the guide of scientific development concept. It builds the subject characteristic, improve the level of discipline construction relying on the subject education and taking the employment as the guidance. Taking the reform and innovation as the driving force, the school promote the coordinated development of teaching and scientific research as well. To improve the quality of talent cultivation, and to satisfy great demand of talent for national economic and social development, the school aims to train students to master the basic theory and method of modern art design, to gain a good professional knowledge and skills, and to get a better understanding of the traditional art and culture, meeting the requirements as applied specialty with high competitiveness. At present, there are three majors, digital media art, environmental art design, product design, and four directions. Now there are 976 school students in school. Over the years the employment rate of graduates is more than 98.5%.

            The school has a team of high level teachers that organized in a reasonable structure, including one university level teaching group, 2 professors, 8 associate professors, 2 doctors and 26 full-time teachers who all 100% gained master's degree or above. At the same time, the number of our part-time teachers invited from the industries and enterprises are not less than 20% of the total number of full-time teachers. All the main specialized courses are lectured by professors or associate professors. In recent years, our staffs had gained 12 provincial-level scientific research projects. 2 departmental level scientific research projects, 12 school scientific research projects and won more than 40 prizes in all kinds of competitions. Apart from the practice projects, our teachers also achieved a high social reputation for their works, publishing 14 books(textbooks) and more than 130 papers published in various professional journals.

     The school has constructed a series of campus training base with an area of 2000 square meters that embrace more than 10 training rooms, including non-linear editing training room, 3D printing training room, etc. A school-government-company cooperative education platform had been built. A platform for innovation and entrepreneurship for school students has come to service and there are 6 off-campus practice bases providing students activities for practice. According to different discipline characteristics, the teaching and practicing of different majors formed a scientific and completed system, which shows a combination of teaching professional theory and setting training project scientifically. Training courses are highly reached the requirements of the syllabus that combined with theoretical knowledge and practical operations, leading students to get improved in their actual combat. Besides, aiming to get a better education effectsthe school also arrange for external practices that comprise of field painting. inspection, market research and company practice. Under the guidance of teachers, the students can understand the similarities and differences between theory and practiceprofession and market needsinternship and employment.

            Owing to the direction of 13th Five-Year-Planning Framework, the school will give priority to discipline construction of the major of digital media art, strengthen undergraduate teaching conditions, and improving the quality of the contingent of school teachers, constantly enrich the school connotation, and gradually build a core subject in the discipline. In addition, based on the overall planning and arrangements, three art design majors would be constructed as undergraduate program, and the scale of students will reach to the level of 1500, which initially form a professional school of art and design with maritime features. Using the network education resources, such as massive open online courses (MOOCs), small-scale private online courses(SPOCs), and flip classroom, we achieved to share high quality teaching resources, and gradually form an education system which on a basis of diploma-bachelor-master program offered by the school of art and design. Further more, due to the Talent Cultivating Mechanism, the school establish mutual recognition of credits, cooperative practice and student exchange with related institutions, domestic and foreign schools and universities. It strengthen international communication and cooperation through the forms of staff exchange, scholar visits, cooperation in running schools, collaborated researches and academic conferences. All the methods we take would further improve the education quality, fully use the high quality teaching resources, constantly increase the diversity of educational structure system, and gradually distinguish the characteristics of the school.

2.Dean’s Welcome

            Academic expertise (major research areas): ink animation, Chinese painting, traditional art.

    Prof. Yang is fond of painting, excellent at calligraphy and familiar with arts and design.

    He has long been engaged in art education, covering painting figures, landscapes, flowers and birds. His works manifest themselves fresh, refined and vivid. In recent years, he has published many textbooks, albums. He participated in or took charge of many research programs, and published a dozen of articles and works. He has done some research on Chinese painting and art design. He has devoted most of his time to the extraction of design elements from traditional art forms, especially freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, and applies them to the practice and teaching of art and design.

3.Faculty and Staff:

            Dr. Xu Jiang obtained his BA and MA at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and in 2014, he was awarded Ph.D from Sun Yat-Sen University, majoring in Aesthetics. After graduation from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, from 1992 to 1995, he worked as art director, in  the Shenzhen beauty design company. From 1999 to 2000, he worked as design director at Guangzhou Exchange Group Design. From July 2003 to December, 2005December, he became a professional teacher in the Art Institute, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. From December,  2005 December to December, 2013, he was the deputy director of the Department of Art and Design, School of Communication and Design, Sun Yat-Sen University.

                 Lecturing courses: Art, Decoration, Art History, History, Aesthetics of Design

     Research Project:Decoration and Decoration Project of Guangdong Hall, Beijing Great Hall of the Pople in 1997 (Cooperation)

     Monographs and Textbooks: Art and Design Education

     Published papers and works: The Old and New Interests of Digital Design


      1. Won the first prize for his article at the Guangdong Higher Education Society in 2005,

     2. His "Mount Danxia Ling Xi River Forest Park Landscape Project (cooperation) was awarded the

         sec  ond prize at the 2005 China Interior Design

     3. His design work, "Senhao Company Office" won a Bronze by the Guangdong provincial

         environme  ntal design competition, in 2006.

Dr. Wang Man was awarded BA, majored in Decoration Art Design, at Henan University in July, 2002. From September, 2004 to June, 2007, She studied Decoration Art Design at Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute and obtained her master degree of art. From September, 2011 to December, 2015, she did her doctoral thesis on the Archaeology and Museology at Zhengzhou University. She became a professional teacher of the Art Institute at Zhanjiang Normal University in July, 2002 until September, 2016. From September, 2016, she worked as a teacher in the School of Art and Design, Guangzhou Maritime University.

Lecturing Courses:

"Perspective", "Introduction to Art", "Introduction to Design", "Writing", "Ceramic “Ceramic Jewelry Design", "Two-Dimensional Design Basis” Three-Dimensional Design Basis", "Basis of Photography", "Commercial Photography", "Materials Art" ,"Pattern Design", "Graphic Design", and others.

Research Programs:

1. Research on Leizhou Kiln Porcelain Decoration, ( Zhanjiang Normal University 2008)

2. Research on the Establishment of Ceramic Teaching Practice Bases in Enterprises(Zhanjiang Normal University ,2009)

3. Application Research on Single Flow Production Technology in Miniature Garment Enterprises. (Zhanjiang Normal University ,2013)

4.Undergraduate Programs

 4.1 Digital Media Art Design  

5.Diplomate Programs

 5.1 Environmental Art Design

 5.2 Product Art Design

 5.3 Product Art Design (Yacht Design)


6.1 Art Exhibit

6.2 GMU Television Station

6.3  Multistudio

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