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School of Shipping Economics and Trade

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1. Overview

          The School of Shipping Economics and Trade is one of the most historical with large scale of students in Guangzhou Maritime University, which predecessor can be traced back to the major of Water Transport Accounting founded in 1986. For a long time, the school relies on the characteristics and advantages of the university, facing Southern China on the base of Guangdong, closely combined with the needs of regional economic development, highlighting the economic management features of shipping and logistics industry, emphasizing on the coordinated development of the quantity and quality, and therefore the nature complements the characteristics. We dedicate in personnel training, scientific research and social services to promote each other, commit to shipping, logistics and port industry to provide high quality economic management talent and intellectual support. At present, the school has formed a good pattern of coordinated specialty development and layout optimization of two disciplines, namely, Shipping Management and Economics.

Our school has four departments, including six undergraduate majors (direction) of Shipping Economic, Finance and Taxation, Business Administration,Land and Resources Administration; five International Business, Finance (Shipping Finance), Financial Management, E-Commerce (Cross-Border Electricity Business Direction), Logistics Engineering (Logistics Financial Direction), Business English (International Business); and five short-cycle speciality of Accounting, International Economy and Trade, Marketing and Planning, Chain Management, Real Estate Management and Valuation; moreover, 2 central and local co-building special laboratories, one base of university key subject, key major and humanities & social sciences have been established.

There are 57 full-time teaching staffs, including 7 professors, 18 associate professors, 13 researchers with doctor's degree, 17 "Double Division Types" lecturers, 1 Guangdong Prominent Teacher and 2 outstanding teachers of the university; many of whom have been appointed as consultants by government departments. In recent years, the school researchers chaired more than 30 national and provincial scientific research tasks and important lateral bidding projects, a number of research results have formed the CPPCC National and provincial Committee proposals for governments at all levels to adopt, which produced a good social impact.

2.Dean’s Welcome

School of Shipping Economic and Trade can be traced back to its predecessor-the Water Accounting major founded in 1986 with a history of 30 years and people’s exploration of several generation. At present, our school has developed two professional disciplines (management & economics) and formed an optimized layout of collaborative development of subjects in shipping, economics and management.

Along with the construction of Guangzhou international shipping center and Guangdong Free Trade Area & Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area, School of Shipping Economics and Trade of Guangzhou Maritime University is facing new opportunities and challenges. Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of ironWith firm strides we are crossing its summit.. We will uphold the motto of "Be diligent, be thoughtful, be virtuous and be innovative.", adhere to the develop strategy of "Based in Guangdong, face the country, radiate overseas., and practice the philosophy of Applied Undergraduate Education. We will make full use of the internal and external resources; vigorously promote the cultivation level of talent training; enhance the ability of scientific research; serve the regional economic and social development; promote the cultural inheritance and innovation, and make unremitting efforts in becoming an influential training base of shipping business management talents and shipping logistics base for economic research.

3.Faculty and Staff:

Teaching Staffs: 57 full-time teaching staffs, including 7 professors, 18 associate professors, 13 researchers with doctor's degree, 17 "Double Division Types" lecturers, 1 Guangdong Prominent Teacher and 2 outstanding teachers of the university; many of whom have been appointed as consultants by government departments.



   Huang Xiaobiao, male, professor, doctor of economics. His current duties include: standing member of Guangzhou Municipal CPPCC, standing member of Zhi Gong Party Guangdong Provincial Committee, vice chairman of Zhi Gong Party Guangzhou Municipal Committee, director of China Economic Law Research Society, member of Guangdong Province Non-Communist Experts Libary, member of Guangdong Province Undergraduate College Teaching Guidance Committee of Economics and Trade, standing member of expert advisory committee of industrial development of Guangzhou Nansha New District. Huang presides over 16 scientific research projects which include: National Science Foundation for post doctoral studies and projects from Guangzhou port administration and other government departments, publishes 78 academic papers and wins the title of Guangdong outstanding teacher. His main research interest is international shipping economics and finance.

   Ge Chunfeng, female, Professor, master. Her current duties include: member of Guangdong Province Undergraduate College Teaching Guidance Committee of Finance, Deputy director of NLD Economic Committee of Guangdong Provincial Committee, chairman of NLD Guangzhou Maritime University branch, researcher of "One Belt and one Road" Research Institute, one the first batch experts of Guangzhou Shipping Industry Association, permanent member of Guangdong System Engineering Institute. Ge presides over 15 scientific research projects which include:  Social Science Plan of Guangdong Province, publishes 34 academic papers and authors 3 textbooks, wins the title of advanced individual of Guangdong province moral teacher. A number of research results were formed into governmental proposals and policy suggestions, including "The Recommendation of Accelerating to Improve the Development of the Maritime Industry Support Policy" which was recommended by the Central Committee of China Democratic League to the State Council, and commented by the Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai. Her main research interest is international shipping economics and finance.

    Tang Songyuan, male, professor, doctor of finance. The visiting scholar of Sun Yat-sen University from 2013 to 2014, key cultivating object of Guangdong province Higher Education “Thousand Hundred Ten Project". Presides over or participated in more than 10 projects include: Humanities and Social Science Fund of Ministry of Education, Guangzhou Social Science Planning Project, Project of Guangdong Higher Vocational Education Research Association and the project entrusted by Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Democratic League of China. Edits or subedits 3 texbooks, publishes more than 40 academic papers in “Shanghai Finance”, “Statistics and Decision”, “Chinese Port”, “Guangzhou Daily” and the theory version of  “Nanfang Daily”. His main research interest are finance, international trade and shipping economics.

    Li Shihong, female, professor. Presides over 3 Provincial Research Project, publishes more than 30 academic papers, eedits 2 books, edits 2 books of “the 12th 5-Year Plan Book of the State Ministry of Education”, presides over subjects of teaching, research and reform. Her current duties include: member of Guangdong Provincial Economic Education Commission, senior lecturer of Guangdong Quality Education for Female Workers, member of Guangdong Navigation Association Expert Libary, director of Guangdong System Engineering Institute, marketing planning consultant of Guangzhou “Guifei” Wardrobe Company,executive director of Guangdong Chain Management Association. Her main research interest are economic management, business management, entrepreneurship and innovation management.

    Li Xianxu, male, researcher, senior economist, master. Presides over more than 10 projects including National Social Science Foundation Project, a number of research results were rewarded above the provincial level. Publishes more than 30 academic papers, includes: “Theory Discussion”, “Seeking Truth”, “JianghanForum”. Edits or subedits books and textbooks. His main research interest is economics and trade.

    Wanchun Su, Male, born in May, 1966, Professor of Management, Master of Business Administration, has presided or participated over 6 provincial projects, published more than 20 academic journals, mainly engaged in teaching and research of Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management and Industrial Economics

           Liu Xiaoyun, female, Professor, Master of Management, Graduate degree, of Education Accounting Society of Guangdong, expert of Guangdong Teachers Training Center For Institutions of Higher Learning, member of Bureau Finance of Guangzhou Municipality's Experts Library, finance director of Guangzhou Maritime University,  presides several provincial studies of finance and accounting in education, publishes over 30 academic papers, main fields of research are finance management of Enterprise and Public Institution Services and audit.

4.Undergraduate Programs

4.1 International Business

4.2 Finance (Shipping Finance)

4.3 Financial Management

4.4 E-Commerce (Cross-Border Electricity Supplier) .

4.5 Logistics Engineering (Logistics Finance)

4.6 Business English (International Business)

5.Diplomate Programs

5.1 Accountant

5.2 International Economy and Trade

5.3 Marketing

5.4 Chain Management .

5.5Real Estate Management and Valuation


6.1、ERP Laborator

       6.2、The Lab of International Business

6.3、Sand Table Lab of Enterprise Management

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