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School of Harbor Engineering

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1. Overview

  Guangzhou Maritime University is located in the coast of Pearl River, adjacent to Whampoa port, the first trading port in Guangzhou. Located in the Whampoa campus, School of Harbor Engineering(SHE) is in possession of beautiful environment, various teaching facilities, and good learning atmosphere, which makes it an ideal choice for those aiming at making contributions to the field of transportation and construction engineering.
Adhering to the school motto, " Everyone should be diligent, thoughtful, virtuous, and innovative." , School of Harbor Engineering keeps forging ahead. In hope of developing transportation and construction major system, SHE offers four bachelor's degrees, Port Channel and Coastal Engineering, Port Channel and Coastal Engineering (Engineer Cost Orientation), Engineering Management, and Civil Engineering. Our school also offers associate degrees, such as Road and Bridge Engineering, Construction Engineering, Construction Management, Engineering Cost, and so on. There are 14 laboratories and more than 20 off-campus practicing centers. In 2017, SHE is preparing for constructing key laboratories for coastal high-performance structure and material research, UAV measurement system, and professional training platform for civil engineering (undergraduate).

      Guangzhou Maritime University focuses on the construction of a significant teachers team, the majority of who has both the senior technical titles and the national occupation registration qualification. There are 43 staffs in School of Harbor Engineering, including 4 professors, 14 associate professors (Senior Engineer) , and 8 PhD students. At the same time, SHE also has high-level personnel, such as national first-class construction engineers, registered structure engineers, registered cost engineers, registered supervision engineers, test engineers and engineers with other qualifications, adding up to 28 person-time. The structure of teachers is reasonable and their degrees are balanced. All of our teachers have good professional accomplishments, rich teaching experiences, and high-level abilities of scientific researches, some of whom has even taken part in eminent projects, such as the National Natural Science Funding Project, Science and Technology Research Project of Guangdong Province, Science and Technology Research Project of the Transportation Department of Guangdong Province, Science and Technology Research Project of Guangzhou City and so on.              

With a history of more than 40 years, School of Harbor Engineering has cultivated a great amount of talents of port, road, and house construction, engineering supervision, engineering cost and other fields for nationwide departments and enterprises . In recent years, SHE has highlighted quality education, professional education, and capabilitytrainingof scientific researches and has aimed at teaching professional knowledge and infusing innovative spirit in order to cultivate highly qualified technical talents.

In addition to professional study and experiment on campus, School of Harbor Engineering also provides students with opportunities of systematical internships in which students will be able to learn how to apply theories into practices. Considering the differences within students, SHE adopts "Double Certificates" training mode, combining the graduation certificate and qualification certificates, which ensures students to meet the employment requirements. The average employment rate of SHE in the past years is as high as 99.6%. The good ideological quality and professional abilities of our graduates have been well recognized by employers.

            In the future, School of Harbor Engineering will keep pace with the times, continue to forge ahead, care for people, orient to the needs of society, aim at employment and development of students, and cultivate highly qualified technical talents with excellent characters for transportation and construction industry. With the joint effort of all teachers and students, School of Harbor Engineering is believed to have a better and brighter  future.


2.Dean’s Welcome

    The period of university life is a critical stage for youths to grow and develop for a better life in the future. Strengthening morality education is our basic requirement. It is students' duties and responsibilities that master the professional knowledge of construction engineering and professional skills. Students need to be hard working, having strong spirit of teamwork and be innovative. I hope that all the students can achieve academic success in our university within the four years, achieving their dreams and serving the community better after their graduation.

                                                                                                            ------By Professor SHI Bin

3.Faculty and Staff:

          Shi Bin, professor, senior engineer, director of harbor waterway and coastal engineering.Professor Shi has been engaged in the teaching and teaching management of harbor waterway engineering and has four years of experience in construction technology and management of large-scale project. He maintains long-term communication and cooperation with the industry. His main research area is the harbor engineering wave numerical simulation study and the assessment of terminal structure.

     Yu Jingliang, professor, associate dean of School of Harbor Engineering, director of engineering management, member of the Teaching Steering Committee of Guangzhou Maritime University. Since 2002, Professor Yu has obtained qualifications including Registered Qualification Certificate Constructor and Registration Supervision Engineer from Ministry of Construction, Registration Supervision Engineer from Ministry of Transport, Registration Supervision Engineer from Ministry of Water Resources and Registered Consulting Engineer from National Development and Reform Commission.

          Luo Yi is Professor of School of Harbor Engineering, her major is applied mechanics.

     She had worked on the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto, Canada, to study vibration and dynamics.She also serves as a lot of academic and social Duties.She is the host of Guangdong Province boutique resource sharing course “construction mechanics”and got  second prize teaching material editor of the Ministry of Communications education science outstanding achievement. And she Wrote many textbooks such as "road and bridge application mechanics" ,"civil engineering mechanics foundation "," road engineering drawing and CAD "," road engineering drawing and CAD exercises set "and " road and bridge engineering English ".

    Her related papers have been published in core journals such as "China Science" "China Physics""Mechanics and Practice" "Noise and Vibration Control" "Journal of Mechanics".and she instructed students to participate in many times and won the excellent guidance. She contributed to the completion of laboratories,such as "theoretical mechanics innovation application laboratory", "water conservancy and fluid mechanics laboratory", "material mechanics laboratory" . She participated in many projects,such as "National Natural Science Fund Project", "Guangdong Provincial Department of Education project" ,"Guangdong Province Science and Technology Project", "Guangzhou Science and Technology Project", "Guangdong Provincial Department of Transportation Science and Technology Program" ," Huangpu District Science and Technology Project "," China Education Society project "and other research work.

        Qian Xiaoli, Female, the Han nationality, born in Jixi city in Heilongjiang Province, doctor of engineering, professor, teaching courses of soil mechanics, foundation,soil mechanics and foundation , ground treatment and rock mass mechanicsand so on. Qian's main research directions are pile foundation, ground treatmentand foundation pit supporting and so on. Also, Qian has hosted and participated in more than 20 kinds of scientific and teaching research projects, including hosting of 5 provincial projects.

    In domestic and foreign academic journals, Qian has formally published more than 30 papers as the first author, including 3 EI and 1 ISTP index articles. Besides, Qian mainly complied 3 undergraduate textbooksand  has received honors such as provincial and university quality courses, national and provincial-level specialties, provincial excellent teaching teams, school teaching achievement prizes, excellent thesis awards, excellent teachers and so on.

4.Undergraduate Programs

  4.1 Harbour, Coastal and Offshore Engineering

  4.2 Engineering management

  4.3 Civil Engineering

5.Diplomate Programs

  5.1 Road and Bridge Engineering and Technology  Junior college


   6.1.Theoretical mechanics laboratory

   6.2.Mechanics and Structure Laboratory

   6.3.Construction Material Laboratory

       6.4.EngineeringMeasurement Laboratory


       6.6.Engineering and Technical Information Laboratory

       6.7.EngineeringTesting Laboratory (supported by national and local governments) (1millionyuan)

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