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School of Port and Shipping Management

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1. Overview

        Port and Shipping Management School was established in 1994. Over the past two decades, we have done our best in talents fostering, academics developing, faculty and staff constructing.

     At present, we offer 3 bachelor`s degree programs in Transportation , Logistics Engineering and Transport Management, 3 junior school degree programs in Port and Shipping Management, Logistics Management and Customs Declaration & International Freight Forwarding, which are closely related to economic and social development of Guangdong province. The graduated students are mostly employed in various companies of shipping and logistics industry. Each year sees a high employment rate of nearly 100%.

     We boast a well-structured faculty constituted of 45 teaching staffs, including 2 professors, 14 associate professors, 18 lectures and lab masters, 11 assistants and others, among them there are 7 staffs owned PHD degree and 98% awarded master degree. They published over 400 academic papers and 50 teaching materials; gain one National Award for teaching achievement and one provincial award. Furthermore, the bachelor program of Transportation has been awarded as talent nurturing demonstrative major and Characteristic Educational Programs of Transportation Engineering in Guangdong. We have expanded three provincial excellent courses.

        We have fostered lots of practical application specialists in transportation and logistics industry, who contribute to the port and shipping development in South China. Up to now, there are over 2600 full-time students.

     We have cooperated with many organizations related to the port and shipping industry to construct off-campus training bases for practical teaching, such as COSCO South-China International Freight Co. Ltd, Guangzhou Port Company, China Shipping Container Lines Guangzhou Co. Ltd, Wenchong Shipbuilding Company, China Merchants Logistics Holding Co. Ltd, P.G. Logictics, Liyang Freight Company, Haide Freight Company, Suiling Logistics Company, Hangsheng Freight Company, Hongyun Logistics Company and so on.

     We are always meeting with the social demand to nurture specialists in port and logistics industry, and we insist on making an academic atmosphere open and active.

2. Dean’s Welcome

              We try our best in cultivating excellent specialists for shipping and logistics industry, improving teaching quality and taking our social responsibility. We are still walking on the way to constructing a higher level faculty. Welcome to our college.

3.Faculty and Staff:

          Yongsheng Li, professor, dean of Port and Shipping Management College, master of Economics, director of Transpotation, major in Transportation

     Zhili Wang, professor, master, director of Huangpu Maritime Silk Road Culture Research Center, major in Logistics Management

4.Undergraduate Programs

 4.1 Transportation Engineering

 4.2 Logistics Engineering

 4.3 Transport management

5.Transport management

5.1 Port and Shipping Management

 5.2 Customs Declaration & International Freight Forwarding

 5.3 Logistics Management

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