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School of Navigation

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The School of Navigation (SN), as one of the key schools of Guangzhou Maritime University (GMU), enjoys a long history of over 50 years, has accumulated abundant navigation teaching experiences and provided a lot of talents, especially deck officers, for Chinese shipping enterprises, especially in South China.

SN presently offers four undergraduate programs: Marine Navigation, Maritime Management, Tourism Management (Yacht-Coastal-Leisure Management & International Cruise Management) and Law (Maritime Law direction).

                          In the school there are six teaching offices (Navigation, Ship Management and Cargo Operation, Seamanship, Marine Communication, Maritime Law and Yacht & Cruise), an experiment center and several research institutions including Guangdong Maritime Research CenterMaritime Law Research Centre, Water Transport Safety and Planning Research Centerand Coastal Leisure and Tourism Research Center, etc.

Over the years, SN has taken the responsibilities to do undefinedhigh-level skilled personnel educating and training of marine navigation and also supplied training courses to social seafarers. In the fields of personnel training, seafarer training and scientific research, SN has made gratifying achievements. The school has formed an education mode of “servicing regional economy and social development with international standards, relying on the industry, school-enterprise cooperation and combination of learning with working”. Besides, the school has established a professional system with complete teaching conditions, strong teaching team, abundant research works and a distinguishing characteristic of navigation with a highly social impact. Our school does every effort to making the four Undergraduate Programs the iconic ones of national maritime education in the future based on national policies of “the Belt and Road” and “Maritime Power”.


2.Dean’s Welcome 

                              In the course of our development, teachers and students in SN have achieved wonderful performances, made outstanding contributions, and formed our own specialties and advantages in the fields of talent training, scientific research and social service.The “Navigation” spirit with the core value of Honor and Responsibility, has been engraved in the heart of each student, and taught, spread and inherited afterwards. These majors, including Marine Navigation, Maritime Management, Maritime Law and Tourism Management (Yacht & Cruise Management) support and integrate with each other, promoting us to move toward a higher level.

    Our school enjoys a history and culture of more than 50 years. It highlights the specialty of navigation, serves the navigation, carries students’ navigation dream, and adheres to our university motto “Be Diligent, Profound, Kind and Creative”. We are just like the swallows soaring in the sky. We continuously center on the cultivation of application-oriented talents, cultivate advanced talents in accordance with the national education policy, international conventions and national seafarers’ competency standards and with international competitiveness, and train talents engaged in maritime safety management, maritime affairs arrangement, maritime law affairs management, yacht & cruise management and so on.


3.Faculty and Staff:

Over the past 50 years, SN has formed its distinct characteristics, trained and introduced many high-level technical and influential experts and scholars. There are 54 staff, including 4 professors, 9 doctorate-degree holders, 8 shipmaster certificate holders. The teaching staff have solid theoretical basis, and high teaching capacity and great practical ability. Furthermore, 60% of the staff are equipped with vocational qualification certificates, such as certificates of captain, maritime arbitrator, marine lawyer, etc. In the past four years, we chaired 248 scientific research projects with research funds of 35.35 million yuan, published 18 SCI or EI indexed research papers and won 3 patents.


Professors in SN as follows:

 Bi undefinedXiu-ying, professor, doctor, captain on ship of world-wide 3000 gross tonnage and above, member of the committee on the navigation and technical instruction of higher education of the ministry of education. Published 70 academic theses. Edited 2 books, deputy edited 2 books; Held 50 research projects and participated in 15 research projects; Owned 1 item of invention, 1 patent of utility model, 2 software copyrights of computer software.

Courses taught: navigation, ship maneuvering, Maritime English reading and writing, Maritime English listening and speaking, maritime statistics and forecast, maritime crew safety operation project, route design, etc.

For many years, serving ocean-going vessels as sailor, second officer, chief officer and captain.


    Dr. Sha Zhengrong, is a specially-appointed professor of Guangzhou Maritime University. He once worked successively as a PSC inspector, marine accident investigator, chief surveyor, researcher and Deputy Director of Maritime Law Implementation and Enforcement Division of Jiangsu MSA, and he was pointed as the Team Leader of Working Group on IMO Audit scheme of China MSA and the National Contacting Personnel when IMO audited China from 2007 to 2010. From 2004 to 2016, as a technical officer of China Delegate, he had attended many times international maritime meetings of IMO Maritime Safety committee, Flag State Subcommittee, Instruments Implementation Subcommittee and relevant expert-groups, and also submitted 18 proposals at those meetings of IMO. As a member of IMO audit teams, he participated and completed auditing Cook Islands and Papua New Guinea on behalf of IMOin March 2015 and September 2016. So far, he have published or co-published more than 10 books related maritime administration, and more than 40 theses and professional reports.

     Research fields: Maritime Administrative of Marine Safety and Environment Protection, implementation of international maritime law and regulations.


  undefined    TANG Qiangrong, professor, doctor, one of directors of Guangdong Provincial Navigation Institution, chief officer certificate holder with 7 years of working experience on board ocean ships, published 40s’ pieces of papers, held 16 research projects including ones of Guangdong Provincial Nature Science Fund, Guangdong Provincial Philosophy & Social Science, Guangdong Provincial Communication Administration, etc.

Research fields: maritime safety science and shipping & port economics

Courses taught: Maritime English reading and writing, ship’s cargo operation, ship’s management, etc.


  undefined   Wang Xinhui, Professor, Captain, Dean of Seafarer Training Center at Guangzhou Maritime University, member of Academic Commission, Verification Expert of Crew Training Qualification of National Maritime Bureau, judge and expert of maritime education and training quality management system. Research Area: Navigation Technology Science and Maritime Safety.

Compiler of Ship Structure and Installation, The Ship Maneuvering and Collision Avoidance and some other teachingmaterials.

  undefined    Qu Jin, Professor, Master Degree, one of directors of Guangdong Province Sociology Institution, Coastal Leisure and Tourism Research Center, held a research project of National Social Science Fund and two research projects at Provincial, attended many workshops on domestic yacht culture and water based recreation and traveling, published 26 academic papers.

Research fields: water based Leisure and traveling.

Courses taught: Yachting Leisure, Introduction to Leisure Sports.


4.Undergraduate Programs

(1) Marine Navigation

(2)  Maritime Affairs

(3) LawMaritime Law)

(4)Tourism Management (Yacht-Leisure Management & International Cruise Management) 


The School of Navigation has set up sufficient laboratories for teaching and scientific research. The main labs as follows:

1. Maritime communication & navigation lab

2. Navigation simulation lab

3. Maritime traffic management lab

4. Dynamic positioning laboratory

5. Meteorology and cargo operation lab

6. Waterborne training center

7. Maritime intelligent traffic information lab

8. Nautical instruments lab

9. Nautical publication and nautical chart operation lab

10. Radar lab

11. Radar simulation lab

12. GMDSS simulation lab

13. Marine advanced firefighting lab

14. Onboard medical laboratory

15. Test center for seafarers

16. Virtual Court of Maritime law

17. Course design lab

18. Sailor craft lab

19. SMCP lab

20. ECDIS Lab



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