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Vice-President Bi Xiuying Attends International Conference of Southampton Solent University

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     During June 6 to 10,2017, vice president Prof. Bi Xiuying ,as a delegation from Guangzhou Maritime University(GMU), attended an important International academic Conference on Maritime Policy, Technology and Education, whose paper 'The Study of tug allocation to assist a ship during berthing control' was been accepted for presentation to the 'International Conference of Maritime Policy, Technology and Education(ICMPTE), 7-8 June 2017, in Southampton, UK, and was invited to attend this conference as a speaker. The ICMPTE201 was jointly organized by the SSU and the SMU(Shanghai Maritime University) in China. The conference addressed a number of important issues affecting the maritime industry including safety and security, advancement of technology, seafarers' training, education and welfare as well as policy in the industry. The conference provided an excellent opportunity for him to share his research findings with colleagues from the UK and other countries and to network with them for future support and collaboration. Simultaneously, vice president Bi Xiuying also discussed on the further collaboration of research and teaching as well as exchange of staff members between the two universities around the conference.


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