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President Zou Cairong Attends An International Education Collaboration Negotiation Meeting

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    On June 12, 2017, at the invitation of Mr. Espen Rikter-Svendsen, as the Consul General of Norway in Guangzhou, President Zou Cairong, as a delegate from Guangzhou Maritime University, attended an international education collaboration negotiation meeting held by Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Guangzhou. This important meeting was held to strengthen the scientific and academic links between Norway and South China, and welcome Ms. Anne Kari B. Johansen, as the Counselor of Science and Higher Education from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing.

                 President Zou Cairong and Ms. Anne Kari Johansen,

the Technology Education Counsellor of Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing

President Zou Cairong and Mr. Bernard Nguyen,

the Consul general of Consulate General of Canada in Guangzhou

President Zou Cairong and Ms. Emma Hodder,

the Deputy Consul general of Consulate General of New Zealand in Guangzhou

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