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Distinguished Foreign Guests from Plymouth University visit Guangzhou Maritime University

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     On June27,2017, a delegation from Plymouth University(PU), led by Dr. Alistair, Associate Head from Mechanical and Marine Engineering, Dr. Ming Dai, Programme Manager from Mechanical and Marine Engineering, Ms. Anne Munro, head of the Plymouth English Language Centre, Mr. Nick Byrne, International Recruitment Manager from Faculty of Science and Engineering, Ms. Rebecca Peng and Shandy Zhou of Plymouth China Office visited Guangzhou Maritime University. Vice president Yuan Yanqing and relevant vice deans held an education collaboration program discussion symposium with members of the delegation from PU in order to discuss education collaboration programs in many fields and aspects in the conference room on the fifth floor of administration building.

    This program discussion symposium was aimed at discussing some specific issues, such as how to create a new School of International Cruise and Yacht; to discuss the feasibility of '3+1'double degree courses articulation, Bachelor's degree and Master's degree continuous study in terms of navigation technology, marine engineering, international logistics, business English and other related majors, visiting scholars and doctor's degree study for teachers etc. Plymouth University attached great importance to our further international education cooperation opportunities in the future, eagerly expected to build a new School of International Cruise and Yacht with GMU jointly, integrate and utilize the advanced educational resources of relevant disciplines and majors from PU so as to persevere in making great efforts and attempts to help GMU establish a characteristic and influential International Cruise and Yacht School all over the world, thus promoting and accelerating GMU's educational internationalization trend unceasingly.

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